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 Proper City Buid

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PostSubject: Proper City Buid   Wed Feb 25, 2015 5:20 pm

Written by GreyGrimlee:

In the start of the server when you still have your techs and stuff to do I find that 11 houses, 9 arms planets is a good way to start out. You can switch it around, like 10 houses, 10 arms planets. I lay out my cities like this...


Arms plants aren't enough to tell you the truth but only do this next part when you have finished most of your techs.

So to make 9 arms plants into more I take out the Light Manufacturing Plant and the Heavy Manufacturing Plant, the Warehouse, you can also be ballsy and take out the trade center and the Military Institute. So in doing that it frees up 5 more spots for you to put in more Arms plants. Like I said before don't start taking that stuff out till you have done the tech that needs the Light and Heavy Manufacturing Plant.

My first 2-3 cities I try to make it all even with the resources, 10 farms, 10 steel 10 oil, 9 rare. Once I get to my 4 or 5th city I then start turning them to what that city will be producing (fighters, bombers, heavy tanks, etc.) around my 5th or 6th city I start my war city,
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Proper City Buid
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