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 War City Plans

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PostSubject: War City Plans   Wed Feb 25, 2015 5:31 pm

Written by GreyGrimlee:

War City Build:
All you need is 5 houses (you can use 4 if you plan on upgrading them to level 15), Communications Center, Research Center, General HQ, Staff HQ, Radar, Transportation Centre and trade center, everything else make them warehouses, you will need to add some stuff to build some of the things that were listed, once you get the things that are listed to level 10 you can take out anything that isn't on that list, I don't want to see anyone who keeps arm planets in there WC please I'm begging you don't be that guy.


The Production Zone:
Have 1 oil, 1 steel and the are farms.


As you can see I don't have the 1 oil, You need the steelworks to upgrade the warehouses.
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War City Plans
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